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We believe the world changes when the boldest thinking is directed at the toughest problems Bill Gates

Humanity's greatest advances are not in its discoveries but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity Bill Gates

The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competition, is to do an outstanding job with information. Bill Gates

We get Comfort from those who agree with us, but we get Growth from only those who don't agree with us ! Bill Gates

We are always saying to ourself.. we have to innovate. We got to come up with that breakthrough... we're only paid for breakthroughs. Bill Gates

Paul and I, we never thought that we would make much money out of the thing. We just loved writing software. Bill Gates

Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction. Bill Gates

If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. Bill Gates

The need to communicate effectively with your customers will come up again and again. Bill Gates

The general idea of the rich helping the poor, I think, is important. That your sense of justice says, why should rich kids - who barely get these diseases and almost never die of them - why should they get the vaccines, when poor kids, who actually do die from these diseases, don't get those things? It's an unbelievable inequity that there isn't that access. Bill Gates

By 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world. Bill Gates

Once you embrace unpleasant news, not as a negative but as evidence of a need for change, you aren't defeated by it. You're learning from it. Bill Gates

When we face a choice between adding features and resolving security issues, we need to choose security. Bill Gates

These four policy prescriptions - strengthening educational opportunities, revamping immigration rules for highly skilled workers, increasing federal funding for basic scientific research, and providing incentives for private-sector R&D - should in my view be top priorities as Congress and the Administration consider how to maintain the nation's leadership in science, technology, and innovation. Bill Gates

One of the wonderful things about the information highway is that virtual equity is far easier to achieve than real-world equityWe are all created equal in the virtual world and we can use this equality to help address some of the sociological problems that society has yet to solve in the physical world. Bill Gates

There's only one trick in software, and that is using a piece of software that's already been written. Bill Gates

A company's ability to respond to an unplanned event, good or bad is a prime indicator of its ability to compete. Bill Gates

There's a basic philosophy here that by empowering...workers you'll make their jobs far more interesting, and they'll be able to work at a higher level than they would have without all that information just a few clicks away. Bill Gates

We need a malaria epidemic in the blogging community! Either that or we need people who have seen the malaria epidemic to start blogging. Bill Gates

Taking a look back, one big reqret is, I left Harvard with no real awareness of the awful inequities in the world. The appalling disparities of health and wealth and opportunity that condemned millions of people to the lives of despair. I learned a lot here at Harvard about new ideas and economics, and politics. I got great exposure to the advances being made in the sciences. But humanities greatest advances are not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity. Bill Gates

Don't wallow in failure. Instead, learn from it. Bill Gates

The government is somewhat inept, but the private sector is inept in general. How many companies do venture capitalists invest in that go poorly? By far most of them. However, every once in a while a Google or a Microsoft comes out, so people keep giving them money. Bill Gates

Intermittency [in availability for wind and solar] changes the economics, particularly this requirement that the power company at all times be able to require power. That's large. Bill Gates

Now, if you're rich, you can spend a lot of money, Netherlands-style, and reduce that. But Bangladesh or parts of India, like Calcutta, they just simply won't be able to afford that kind of protection. Bill Gates

I think given all the different imperatives - getting energy to Africa, security of energy, climate change, that we should be spending half as much as we spend on health, which will get you all the way up to $15 billion - the health people don't like it when things get compared to their number. Bill Gates

Is the rich world aware of how four billion of the six billion live? If we were aware, we would want to help out, we'd want to get involved. Bill Gates

I don't believe in creating dynastic wealth. I don't really believe that in a society that aspires to be meritocratic and that believes in equality of opportunity - my kids have had advantage over 99 percent of the kids in the country... Bill Gates

By the time we see that climate change is really bad, your ability to fix it is extremely limited... The carbon gets up there, but the heating effect is delayed. And then the effect of that heat on the species and ecosystem is delayed. That means that even when you turn virtuous, things are actually going to get worse for quite a while. Bill Gates

Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable. Bill Gates

Historically, privacy was almost implicit, because it was hard to find and gather information. But in the digital world, whether it's digital cameras or satellites or just what you click on, we need to have more explicit rules - not just for governments but for private companies. Bill Gates

Legacy is a stupid thing! I don't want a legacy. Bill Gates

Microsoft is not about greed. It's about innovation and fairness. Bill Gates

If you're a person struggling to eat and stay healthy, you might have heard about Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali, but you'll never have heard of Bill Gates. Bill Gates

If your culture doesn't like geeks, you are in real trouble. Bill Gates

I never took a day off in my twenties. Not one. And I'm still fanatical, but now I'm a little less fanatical. Bill Gates

A lot of the things that will really improve the world fortunately aren't dependent on Washington doing something different. Bill Gates

It's possible - you can never know - that the universe exists only for me. If so, it's sure going well for me, I must admit. Bill Gates

You're never going to get the amount of CO2 emitted to go down unless you deal with the one magic metric, which is CO2 per kilowatt-hour. Bill Gates

Certainly I'll never be able to put myself in the situation that people growing up in the less developed countries are in. I've gotten a bit of a sense of it by being out there and meeting people and talking with them. Bill Gates

I have a company that is not Microsoft, called Corbis. Corbis is the operation that merged with Bettman Archives. It has nothing to do with Microsoft. It was intentionally done outside of Microsoft because Microsoft isn't interested. Bill Gates

Should there be cameras everywhere in outdoor streets? My personal view is having cameras in inner cities is a very good thing. In the case of London, petty crime has gone down. They catch terrorists because of it. And if something really bad happens, most of the time you can figure out who did it. Bill Gates

Almost every way we make electricity today, except for the emerging renewables and nuclear, puts out CO2. And so, what we're going to have to do at a global scale, is create a new system. And so, we need energy miracles. Bill Gates

It's hard to improve public education - that's clear. Bill Gates

I don't generally read a lot of fiction. Bill Gates

Most poor people live in the poorest countries. Bill Gates

The Internet is the easiest thing to get into. To be an Internet retailer, you just get that URL. Bill Gates

I think any statement about stock prices is always suspect unless it's made by Warren Buffett. Bill Gates

The internet is just a passing fad. Bill Gates

If the 1980s were about quality and the 1990s were about reengineering, then the 2000s will be about velocity. Bill Gates

With the states release today of a set of clear and consistent academic standards, our nation is one step closer to supporting effective teaching in every classroom, charting a path to college and careers for all students, and developing the tools to help all children stay motivated and engaged in their own education. The more states that adopt these college and career based standards, the closer we will be to sharing innovation across state borders and becoming more competitive as a country. Bill Gates

If geek means you're willing to study things, and if you think science and engineering matter, I plead guilty. If your culture doesn't like geeks, you are in real trouble. Bill Gates

The great thing about a computer notebook is that no matter how much you stuff into it, it doesn't get bigger or heavier. Bill Gates

In terms of fast food and deep understanding of the culture of fast food, I'm your man. Bill Gates

Like a human being, a company has to have an internal communication mechanism, a "nervous system", to coordinate its actions. Bill Gates

I don't think I would have spent time learning about the immune system if understanding vaccines weren't something I considered very important. Bill Gates

We believe unbelievable progress can be made, in both inventing new vaccines and making sure they get out to all the children who need them. Bill Gates

Innovation is often the hidden thing, because we can't put numbers to it. And yet it's the thing that defines the way we live, the things we'd like to have for everyone whether it's health or education. Bill Gates

When making choices, or setting policies about the economy, education or medicine, society is best served by electing people who are particularly hardworking, intelligent and interested in long-term thinking. Bill Gates

I remember in 1980 or 1981 looking at a list of people who had made a lot of money in the computer industry and thinking, Wow, that's amazing. But I never thought I'd be on that list. It's clear I was wrong. I'm on the list, at least temporarily. Bill Gates

Like my friend Warren Buffett, I feel particularly lucky to do something every day that I love to do. He calls it "tap dancing to work." Bill Gates

The media covers what's new - and millions of people dying is nothing new. So it stays in the background, where it's easier to ignore. But even when we do see it or read about it, it's difficult to keep our eyes on the problem. It's hard to look at suffering if the situation is so complex that we don't know how to help. And so we look away. Bill Gates

Imagine the disincentive to software development if after months of work another company could come along and copy your work and market it under its own name...without legal restraints to such copying, companies like Apple could not afford to advance the state of the art. Bill Gates

Most of our competitors were one-product wonders... They would do their one product, but never get their engineering sorted out. Bill Gates

Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains. Bill Gates

I see little commercial potential for the Internet for at least ten years. Bill Gates

The information highway will transform our culture as dramatically as Gutenberg's press did the Middle Ages. Bill Gates

It's been proven that of all the interventions to reduce poverty, improving agricultural productivity is the best. Bill Gates

We're at the point now where the challenge isn't how to communicate effectively with e-mail; it's ensuring that you spend your time on the e-mail that matters most. Bill Gates

Rules broken today become norms tomorrow. Bill Gates

Microsoft's only factory asset is the human imagination. Bill Gates

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