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Nobody asked you to flip burgers for the rest of your life. Bill Cosby

'The Cosby Show' made an impact on comedy, television and culture. We rejected lowering the bar. Bill Cosby

I use the exercise room early, because I don't want to get on the treadmill and everyone's going 'Oh, Bill Cosby,' and then they come around to see how fast I'm walking, and it becomes very competitive. Bill Cosby

What we need is for people to realize - 'I want to raise my kid. I want to go back and get my three kids. I want to take on that responsibility. I want to love my children.' Bill Cosby

Telemarketers tell me I sound like Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby

We are all anxious to be accepted. But if you have a strong mother and father who tell you that you don't have to dress a crazy way, or hang out with people who are looking for trouble in order to be loved and accepted, then half the battle is over. Bill Cosby

we cannot afford to settle for being just average; we must learn as much as we can to be the best that we can. The key word is education - education with maximum effort. Without it, we cannot be in charge of ourselves or anyone else. Bill Cosby

Fatherhood is telling your daughter that Michael Jackson loves all his fans, but has special feelings for the ones who eat broccoli. Bill Cosby

If you have a question about anything, the answer can be found in a book somewhere in the library. Bill Cosby

If I use the word romance, whether it's my wife or not, it does not mean sex. We can use the word sex when sex is there. Bill Cosby

Your parents put a curse on you - Someday your kids are going to act just like you. Bill Cosby

Why do I have to feed the kids? They just ate twelve hours ago! Bill Cosby

I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy does' have to answer to innuendos, Bill Cosby

Most fathers and... Mothers. Only your grandmother and Ghengis Khan know how to do it. Bill Cosby

You are more important to yourself than you think you are. Bill Cosby

Man can not live by bread alone ... he must have peanut butter. Bill Cosby

I can't even talk the way these people talk. 'Why you ain't?' 'Where you is?' Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth. Bill Cosby

Because for me it is almost analgesic to talk about what the white man is doing against us. And it keeps a person frozen in their seat, it keeps you frozen in your hole you're sitting in. Bill Cosby

My wife and I have five children. And the reason why we have five children is because we do notwantsix. Bill Cosby

A pelican that is wet walks with a gated limp, but a dry fish swims alone. Bill Cosby

I've got a Ferrari. VROOM! I do 104 from the garage to the front door. Bill Cosby

We go out of our way to make people so different,... to punish them because of color, because of sex, because of size, and the game starts. Bill Cosby

And to those people with no children but who think they'd like to have them some day to fulfill their lives. Remember: With fulfillment comes responsibility. Bill Cosby

Have you ever had a cookie? Then you won't get any here either. Bill Cosby

I don't have a clue about the way to achievement, however the way to disappointment is attempting to please everyone. Bill Cosby

Yes, having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit. Bill Cosby

My wife was a beautiful woman before we had children. Bill Cosby

The game of chess. Supposedly men made it up, and it's about war and men and the ravages and the bravery and the genius of commanding and moving pieces and ... No. It's marriage. The Queen moves anywhere she wants. Bill Cosby

I didn't like what was on TV in terms of sitcoms?it had nothing to do with the color of them?I just didn't like any of them. I saw little kids, let's say 6 or 7 years old, white kids, black kids. And the way they were addressing the father or the mother, the writers had turned things around, so the little children were smarter than the parent or the caregiver. They were just not funny to me. I felt that it was manipulative and the audience was looking at something that had no responsibility to the family. Bill Cosby

A sail boat that sails backwards can never see the sun rise. Bill Cosby

The past is a ghost, the future a dream, and all we ever have is now. Bill Cosby

Men and women belong to different species and communications between them is still in its infancy. Bill Cosby

Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry. Bill Cosby

Let us now set forth one of the fundamental truths about marriage: the wife is in charge. Bill Cosby

No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior, and I'm not talking about the kids. Their behavior is always normal. Bill Cosby

Nothing separates the generations more than music. By the time a child is eight or nine, he has developed a passion for his own music that is even stronger than his passions for procrastination and weird clothes. Bill Cosby

Every success story has a parent who says, 'over my dead body.' Every success story has an old person who walks up to you and says, when you're acting the fool, 'you know I worry about you sometimes.' Bill Cosby

We've got too many young girls, who don't know how to parent, turning themselves into parents. Bill Cosby

My feeling is, personally, I want to die first... because I believe that when you die, your soul goes immediately up for judgment - and I don't want my wife up there first. No, the judgment will be horrendous. Bill Cosby

You know the only people who are always sure about the proper way to raise children? Those who've never had any. Bill Cosby

When a person has a gun, sometimes their mind clicks that this thing will win arguments and straighten people out. Bill Cosby

I want all this loud profanity in the street stopped. I want people to think about choices. Bill Cosby

I cannot understand how the education of this United States of America has been fooled time and time again. Either make it separate but equal or integrate, therefore it will be equal. And it has been separate and unequal. Bill Cosby

There's no tradition today except initials, 'CSI,' 'NCIS,' all the rest. Even with reruns today, people don't know there was a 'Dick Van Dyke Show,' or 'Andy Griffith,' or 'Cheers.' Bill Cosby

George Carlin is brilliant with words, and Johnny Winters is very creative. It's taking something common and drawing out the humor, being clever with words. Bill Cosby

I watch an awful lot of television, and I get a little tired of what I see... We have about six television sets in our house, and it's less expensive for me to do a television series than it is for me to throw them all out. Bill Cosby

Old is always fifteen years from now. Bill Cosby

I think you need to make responsibility something that's not just a word. Bill Cosby

Emotionally, a person can become so negatively driven that they don't respect the privilege of being on this Earth without their mother and their father. They may say it doesn't bother them, but there is something in us about those who are a biological part of us and don't care. People in that situation stop hearing the other voices that love them, hold them, trust them and tells them how great they are. They're focused on that one person who isn't answering them. Bill Cosby

I think the part of media that romanticizes criminal behavior, things that a person will say against women, profanity, being gangster, having multiple children with multiple men and women and not wanting to is prevalent. When you look at the majority of shows on television they placate that kind of behavior. If you go through a weekly Monday through Friday, it's all there. It's in how people on the sitcoms and cop shows talk to each other. Bill Cosby

There should be more on television that uplifts people and shows them how to better prepare themselves for earning a living. There still aren't enough people that say "this should not be." We just let it go. We need to raise a loud voice about our fellow human beings. Bill Cosby

When we look at the settling of America we see a Bible in hand and God. Every Thanksgiving has God and the peacefulness of gratitude. It was important when the Twin Towers were hit and the sorrow with them that the first thing Congress did was sing "God Bless America." Bill Cosby

There are stories in the Bible about people telling other people how to do things. When you hear this young man say "we don't give up," that's something human beings who win will tell you every time. Breaks will happen. When they happen, you keep the same mind about what you're doing. It's about we the people getting on with our lives and doing it that way. Bill Cosby

If you have no faith, you've lost your battle. You can't let things just happen. If you know right from wrong, and you know proof that certain things are true and people are telling you information to guide you and it's good solid information, than you should have it. Bill Cosby

In Genesis, it is stated God walked on Earth. He was there on the level. After watching human behavior, he ascended having had enough of us and decided to watch over us instead. Bill Cosby

God has a sense of humor though and he must see funny things in us. He must also have some love. We're still here and there are still great things that go on. There are great doctors who discover how to separate twins and how to put together a human being to walk again after it's said he won't. Those are all there as signs. Bill Cosby

Never forget that the devil is there 24/7 too. He's very, very busy. Bill Cosby

When my son was murdered people asked me how I felt about God and what had happened to my son. I said "no, you can't go there. You have to understand that there is a devil and he works 24/7. Whoever murdered our son was with the devil." Bill Cosby

My latest blood test said my cholesterol was very high and my doctor recommended some medicine for it. I said "no" to his recommendation and he said "what are you going to do?" I said I ate my way into this and I'm going to eat my way out of it. Bill Cosby

No matter what you think-life goes on and the world still turns and the universe has its own story. The most we can do is plan anyway, but understand, be humbled by things greater than ourselves. Bill Cosby

I didn't like what was on TV in terms of sitcoms it had nothing to do with the color of them I just didn't like any of them. I saw little kids, let's say 6 or 7 years old, white kids, black kids. And the way they were addressing the father or the mother, the writers had turned things around, so the little children were smarter than the parent or the caregiver. They were just not funny to me. I felt that it was manipulative and the audience was looking at something that had no responsibility to the family. Bill Cosby

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