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Barbara Ann Kipfer
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Feel that life likes you just the way you are; otherwise, it would have made you differently. Barbara Ann Kipfer

A still tongue keeps a wise head. Barbara Ann Kipfer

Wishing is good for us. Daydreams, fantasies, castles in the air, and aspirations All drive us forward, Impel us to make things happen. They also tell us a lot about ourselves. Our wishes come straight from our core, And they are loaded with vital information About who we are and who we can become. Keeping track of our wishes Helps us tap into the energy That propels us to go after our happiness. Barbara Ann Kipfer

I hope you find, as I did, that happiness comes from noticing and enjoying the little things in life. Barbara Ann Kipfer

Right underneath your thoughts and negative emotions exists an ocean of love. You have but to quiet the mind to experience it. Barbara Ann Kipfer

A true smile is when the mouth and the heart coordinate with each other. Barbara Ann Kipfer

See yourself as a small child, fragile and vulnerable, and breathe in. Smile with love to this small child within yourself, and breathe out. Barbara Ann Kipfer

Find your center and stay there... Barbara Ann Kipfer

Transgressions are to be understood and corrected, not dwelt upon or agonized over. Barbara Ann Kipfer

Chinese landscape paintings often include tiny figures - as if to emphasize the grandeur of nature of which humankind is one small part. Think of the world in these terms, as larger in scale than the human. This is a healthy corrective to the commonplace view that people own the land, which exists to serve their purposes. Think big and live small. Barbara Ann Kipfer

Accept periods of suffering with gratitude, knowing that suffering can teach you very important lessons. Barbara Ann Kipfer

Happiness need not be analyzed. Barbara Ann Kipfer

Everyone gets the same twenty-four hours in a day, the difference is how you use it. Barbara Ann Kipfer

Find your center and stay there. It will allow you to live your life to its maximum. Barbara Ann Kipfer

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