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Writing can be a lonely business. But gradually your characters, or the scenes and peopl from your past, begin to rise up around you, and you find yourself writing your way out of loneliness, writing into your own company. Barbara Abercrombie

Sometimes to write you need to do more than just appear at your desk-you need to take care of the part of you that dreams and imagines and creates. Reading can usually do this for writers, but sometimes you also need to watch films, listen to music, go to an art museum, or see a play. Or just sit outside and soak up the sky. Barbara Abercrombie

Here's the beauty of a camera: you don't have to come up with words for what you're looking at... Maybe another angle is needed sometimes. When we're burned out from writing, we can photograph or draw, look at the world in a different way, and photographers could try writing what they see. Barbara Abercrombie

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