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Even monarchs have need of authors, and fear their pens more than ugly women the painter's pencil. Baltasar Gracian

Never lose your self-respect, nor be too familiar with yourself when you are alone. Let your integrity itself be your own standard of rectitude, and be more indebted to the severity of your own judgment of yourself than to all external percepts. Desist from unseemly conduct, rather out of respect for your own virtue than for the strictures of external authority. Baltasar Gracian

He who finds Fortune on his side should go briskly ahead, for she is wont to favor the bold. Baltasar Gracian

You can cultivate taste, as you can the intellect. Full understanding whets the appetite and desire, and, later, sharpens the enjoyment of possession. Baltasar Gracian

Attain and maintain a reputation, for it is the usufruct of fame. A stiff climb, for it is the issue of excellence, as rare as mediocrity is common. Baltasar Gracian

Hope is a great falsifier. Let good judgment keep her in check. Baltasar Gracian

Be content to act, and leave the talking to others. Baltasar Gracian

Knowledge and courage take turns at greatness. Baltasar Gracian

The path to greatness is along with others. Baltasar Gracian

The sole advantage of power is that you can do more good. Baltasar Gracian

Fools rush in through the door; for folly is always bold. Baltasar Gracian

An ounce of prudence is worth a pound of cleverness. Baltasar Gracian

Do not be held a cheat, even though it is impossible to live today without being one. Let your greatest cunning lie in covering up what looks like cunning. Baltasar Gracian

Share weight and woe, for misfortune falls with double force on him that stands alone. Baltasar Gracian

Hear, see, and be silent. Baltasar Gracian

The wise persono would rather see others needing him than thanking him. Baltasar Gracian

A wise prince must never take things easy in times of peace. Baltasar Gracian

Cunning grows in deceit at seeing itself discovered, and tries to deceive with truth itselft. Baltasar Gracian

Know what is evil, no matter how worshipped it may be. Let the man of sense not mistake it, even when clothed in brocade, or at times crowned in gold, because it cannot thereby hide its hypocrisy, for slavery does not lose its infamy, however noble the master. Baltasar Gracian

Yes and no are soon said, but give much to think over. Baltasar Gracian

It is a great deed to leave nothing for tomorrow. Baltasar Gracian

If to talk to oneself when alone is folly, it must be doubly unwise to listen to oneself in the presence of others. Baltasar Gracian

Do not show your wounded finger for everything will knock up against it. Baltasar Gracian

Many get the repute of being witty but thereby lose the credit of being sensible. Jest has its little hour, seriousness should have all the rest. Baltasar Gracian

Many would be wise if they did not think themselves wise. Baltasar Gracian

Truth is for the minority. Baltasar Gracian

Many of the things that bring delight should not be owned. They are more enjoyed if another's, than if yours; the first day they give pleasure to the owner, but in all the rest to the others: what belongs to another rejoices doubly, because it is without the risk of going stale and with the satisfaction of freshness. . . the possession of things not only diminishes their enjoyment, but augments their annoyance, whether shared or not shared. Baltasar Gracian

Never participate in the secrets of those above you; you think you share the fruit, and you share the stones - the confidence of a prince is not a grant, but a tax Baltasar Gracian

The best remedy for disturbances is to let them run their course, for so they quiet down. Baltasar Gracian

The heaven of the envied is hell for the envious. [...because they focus on what they don't have rather than being grateful for what they have, which is always better than some others.] Baltasar Gracian

Knowing how to keep a friend is more important than gaining a new one. Baltasar Gracian

No one demands more caution than a spy, and when someone has the skeleton key to minds, counter him by leaving the key of caution inside, on the other side of the keyhole. Baltasar Gracian

The great art of giving consists in this: the gift should cost very little and yet be greatly coveted, so that it may be the more highly appreciated. Baltasar Gracian

Many get the repute of being witty, but thereby lose the credit of being sensible. Jest has its little hour, seriousness should have all the rest. Baltasar Gracian

Respect yourself if you would have others respect you. Baltasar Gracian

We often have to put up with most from those on whom we most depend. Baltasar Gracian

There is no beauty unaided, no excellence that does not sink to the barbarous, unless saved by art. Baltasar Gracian

He that has satisfied his thirst turns his back on the well. Baltasar Gracian

When desire dies, fear is born. Baltasar Gracian

There is always time to add a word, never to withdraw one. Baltasar Gracian

Have friends. 'Tis a second existence. Baltasar Gracian

La galanteria y la honra tienen esta ventaja, que se quedan: aquella en quien la usa, esta en quien la haze. Baltasar Gracian

Nature often lets us down when we most need her; let us turn to art. Baltasar Gracian

Be first the master of yourself Baltasar Gracian

Politeness and a sense of honor have this advantage: we bestow them on others without losing a thing. Baltasar Gracian

Politeness is the chief sign of culture. Baltasar Gracian

Know how to ask. There is nothing more difficult for some people, nor for others, easier. Baltasar Gracian

There are friendships merely for pleasure, some for the exchange of ideas. Rarest are those friends of one's inmost self. Baltasar Gracian

Folly consists not in committing Folly, but in being incapable of concealing it. All men make mistakes, but the wise conceal the blunders they have made, while fools make them public. Reputation depends more on what is hidden than on what is seen. If you ca' be good, be careful. Baltasar Gracian

For a thing to remain undone nothing more is needed than to think of it done. Baltasar Gracian

Maturity of mind is best shown in slow belief. Baltasar Gracian

Man is born a barbarian, and only raises himself above the beast by culture. Baltasar Gracian

Tis much to gain universal admiration; more, universal love. Baltasar Gracian

The sage never seems to know his own merits, for only by not noticing them can you call others' attention to them. Baltasar Gracian

The greatest fool is he who thinks he is not one and all others are. Baltasar Gracian

The happy are an exception who enjoy innocently their simple happiness. Baltasar Gracian

There are certain inessential activities-moths of precious time-and it is worse to busy yourself with the trivial than to do nothing. Baltasar Gracian

All victories breed hate, and that over your superior is foolish or fatal. Baltasar Gracian

Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil. Tis the sole remedy against misfortune, the very ventilation of the soul. Baltasar Gracian

Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil. Baltasar Gracian

The crutch of Time accomplishes more than the club of Hercules. Baltasar Gracian

Watchfulness is the only guard against cunning. Be intent on his intentions. Many succeed in making others do their own affairs, and unless you possess the key to their motives you may at any moment be forced to take their chestnuts out of the fire to the damage of your own fingers. Baltasar Gracian

Don't take the wrong side of an argument just because your opponent has taken the right side. Baltasar Gracian

The things we remember best are those better forgotten. Baltasar Gracian

Those who insist on the dignity of their office show they have not deserved it. Baltasar Gracian

Luck can be assisted. It is not all chance with the wise. Baltasar Gracian

To equal a predecessor, one must have twice they worth. Baltasar Gracian

The liar suffers twice: he neither believes nor is believed. Baltasar Gracian

Many pleasant things are better when they belong to someone else. ... When things belong to others, we enjoy them twice as much, without the risk of losing them, and with the pleasure of novelty. Baltasar Gracian

Truth always lags behind, limping along on the arm of Time. Baltasar Gracian

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