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Bai Juyi
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Fumes of wine shorten the long road. Bai Juyi

A little child paddles a little boat, Drifting about, and picking white lotuses. He does not know how to hide his tracks, And duckweed's opened up along his path. Bai Juyi

A strip of water's spread in the setting sun, Half the river's emerald, half is red. I love the third night of the ninth month, The dew is like a pearl; the moon like a bow. Bai Juyi

Heat lingers As days are still long; Early mornings are cool While autumn is still young. Dew on the lotus Scatters pure perfume; Wind on the bamboos Gives off a gentle tinkling. I am idle and lonely, Lying down all day, Sick and decayed; No one asks for me; Thin dusk before my gates, Cassia blossoms inch deep. Bai Juyi

Autumn clouds, vague and obscure; The evening, lonely and chill. I felt the dampness on my garments, But saw no spot, and heard no sound of rain. Bai Juyi

Two monks sit facing, playing chess on the mountain, The bamboo shadow on the board is dark and clear. Not a person sees the bamboo's shadow, One sometimes hears the pieces being moved. Bai Juyi

If the Fleeting World is but a long dream, it does not matter whether one is young or old. Bai Juyi

That we wished to fly in heaven, two birds with the wings of one, And to grow together on the earth, two branches of one tree. Earth endures, heaven endures; some time both shall end, While this unending sorrow goes on and on for ever. Bai Juyi

I remember, when I was young, How easily my mood changed from sad to gay. ... But now that age comes, A moment of joy is harder and harder to get. Bai Juyi

It was early spring. They bathed her in the FlowerPure Pool, Which warmed and smoothed the creamy-tinted crystal of her skin Bai Juyi

And, because she so illumined and glorified her clan, She brought to every father, every mother through the empire, Happiness when a girl was born rather than a boy. Bai Juyi

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