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Those who have courage to love should have courage to suffer. Anthony Trollope

I judge a man by his actions with men, much more than by his declarations Godwards - When I find him to be envious, carping, spiteful, hating the successes of others, and complaining that the world has never done enough for him, I am apt to doubt whether his humility before God will atone for his want of manliness. Anthony Trollope

I cannot hold with those who want to put down the insignificant chatter of the world Anthony Trollope

If we wish ourselves to be high, we should treat that which is over us as high. Anthony Trollope

It was admitted by all her friends, and also by her enemies - who were in truth the more numerous and active body of the two - that Lizzie Greystock had done very well with herself. Anthony Trollope

The tenth Muse who now governs the periodical press. Anthony Trollope

Let her who is forty call herself forty; but if she can be young in spirit at forty, let her show that she is so. Anthony Trollope

She rides to hounds, and talks Italian, and writes for the Times. Anthony Trollope

He is one of those men who, on marrying, assume that they have at last got a person to do a duty which has always hitherto been neglected. Anthony Trollope

He had married, let us say for love; - probably very much by chance. Anthony Trollope

A man will be generally very old and feeble before he forgets how much money he has in the funds. Anthony Trollope

When young Mark Robarts was leaving college, his father might well declare that all men began to say all good things to him, and to extol his fortune in that he had a son blessed with so excellent a disposition. Anthony Trollope

An editor is bound to avoid the meshes of the law, which are always infinitely more costly to companies, or things, or institutions, than they are to individuals. Anthony Trollope

Let a man be of what side he may in politics, unless he be much more of a partisan than a patriot, he will think it well that there should be some equity of division in the bestowal of crumbs of comfort. Anthony Trollope

Taken altogether, Washington as a city is most unsatisfactory, and falls more grievously short of the thing attempted than any other of the great undertakings of which I have seen anything in the United States. Anthony Trollope

I would recommend all men in choosing a profession to avoid any that may require an apology at every turn; either an apology or else a somewhat violent assertion of right. Anthony Trollope

Of all hatreds that the world produces, a wife's hatred for her husband, when she does hate him, is the strongest. Anthony Trollope

The sober devil can hide his cloven hoof; but when the devil drinks he loses his cunning and grows honest. Anthony Trollope

I have sometimes thought that there is no being so venomous, so bloodthirsty as a professed philanthropist. Anthony Trollope

The Church of England is the only church in the world that interferes neither with your politics nor your religion Anthony Trollope

There is nothing more tyrannical than a strong popular feeling among a democratic people. Anthony Trollope

They are best dressed, whose dress no one observes. Anthony Trollope

I think I owe my life to cork soles. Anthony Trollope

I do not think myself to be a worm, and a grub, grass of the field fit only to be burned, a clod, a morsel of putrid atoms that should be thrown to the dungheap, ready for the nethermost pit. Nor if I did should I therefore expect to sit with Angels and Archangels. Anthony Trollope

My belief of book writing is much the same as my belief as to shoemaking. The man who will work the hardest at it, and will work with the most honest purpose, will work the best. Anthony Trollope

Wine is valued for its price, not its flavor. Anthony Trollope

A man's own dinner is to himself so important that he cannot bring himself to believe that it is a matter utterly indifferent to anyone else. Anthony Trollope

It is very hard, that necessity of listening to a man who says nothing Anthony Trollope

A farmer's horse is never lame, never unfit to go. Never throws out curbs, never breaks down before or behind. Like his master he is never showy. He does not paw and prance, and arch his neck, and bid the world admire his beauties...and when he is wanted, he can always do his work. Anthony Trollope

He was one of those men who, as in youth they are never very young, so in age are they never very old. Anthony Trollope

To feel that your hours are filled to overflowing, that you can barely steal minutes enough for sleep, that the welfare of many is entrusted to you, that the world looks on and approves, that some good is always being done to others - above all things some good to your country; - that is happiness. Anthony Trollope

I hate a stupid man who can't talk to me, and I hate a clever man who talks me down. I don't like a man who is too lazy to make any effort to shine; but I particularly dislike the man who is always striving for effect. I abominate a humble man, but yet I love to perceive that a man acknowledges the superiority of my sex, and youth and all that kind of thing. . . A man who would tell me that I am pretty, unless he is over seventy, ought to be kicked out of the room. But a man who can't show me that he thinks me so without saying a word about it, is a lout. Anthony Trollope

There are some points on which no man can be contented to follow the advice of another - some subjects on which a man can consult his own conscience only. Anthony Trollope

I have read - nay, I have bought! - Carlyle's 'Latter Day Pamphlets,' and look on my eight shillings as very much thrown away. To me it appears that the grain of sense is so smothered up in a sack of the sheerest trash, that the former is valueless....I look on him as a man who was always in danger of going mad in literature and who has now done so. Anthony Trollope

Then he would be penniless, with the world before him as a closed oyster to be again opened, and he knew, - no one better, - that this oyster becomes harder and harder in the opening as the man who has to open it becomes older. Anthony Trollope

Men are so seldom really good. They are so little sympathetic. What man thinks of changing himself so as to suit his wife? And yet men expect that women shall put on altogether new characters when they are married, and girls think that they can do so. Anthony Trollope

In former days the Earl had been a man quite capable of making himself disagreeable, and probably had not yet lost the power of doing so. Of all our capabilities this is the one which clings longest to us. Anthony Trollope

A drunkard or a gambler may be weaned from his ways, but not a politician. Anthony Trollope

They have been saying ever so long that the old Duke of Omnium means to marry her on his deathbed, but I don't suppose there can be anything in it. Why should he put it off for so very inopportune an occasion? asked Phineas. Anthony Trollope

I haven't the slightest direction of anything. Nor have I; but as we clearly can't get out this way we might as well try the other. Anthony Trollope

Because we have been removing restraints on Papal aggression, while other nations have been imposing restraints. There are those at Rome who believe all England to be Romish at heart, because here in England a Roman Catholic can say what he will, and print what he will. Anthony Trollope

As will so often be the case when a men has a pen in his hand. It is like a club or sledge-hammer, - in using which, either for defence or attack, a man can hardly measure the strength of the blows he gives. Anthony Trollope

To me Barset has been a real county, and its city a real city, and the spires and towers have been before my eyes, and the voices of the people are known to my ears, and the pavement of the city ways are familiar to my footsteps.... I have been induced to wander among them too long by my love of old friendships, and by the sweetness of old faces. Anthony Trollope

To have her meals, and her daily walk, and her fill of novels, and to be left alone, was all that she asked of the gods. Anthony Trollope

Equality would be a heaven, if we could attain it. Anthony Trollope

Things to be done offer themselves, I suppose, because they are in themselves desirable; not because it is desirable to have something to do. Anthony Trollope

The natural man will probably be manly. The affected man cannot be so. Anthony Trollope

Rights and rules, which are bonds of iron to a little man, are packthread to a giant. Anthony Trollope

Perhaps there is no position more perilous to a man's honesty thanthat?of knowing himselftobe quiteloved by a girl whom he almost loves himself. Anthony Trollope

The man who worships mere wealth is a snob. Anthony Trollope

No one can depute authority. It comes too much from personal accidents, and too little from reason or law to be handed over to others. Anthony Trollope

I am ready to obey as a child; :;but, not being a child, I think I ought to have a reason. Anthony Trollope

For there is no folly so great as keeping one's sorrows hidden. Anthony Trollope

High rank and soft manners may not always belong to a true heart. Anthony Trollope

It has now become the doctrine of a large clan of politicians that political honesty is unnecessary, slow, subversive of a man's interests, and incompatible with quick onward movement. Anthony Trollope

It is necessary to get a lot of men together, for the show of the thing, otherwise the world will not believe. That is the meaning of committees. But the real work must always be done by one or two men. Anthony Trollope

There is no way of writing well and also of writing easily. Anthony Trollope

Neither money nor position can atone to me for low birth. Anthony Trollope

I think the greatest rogues are they who talk most of their honesty. Anthony Trollope

Life is so unlike theory. Anthony Trollope

A man's mind will very gradually refuse to make itself up until it is driven and compelled by emergency. Anthony Trollope

Success is a poison that should only be taken late in life and then only in small doses. Anthony Trollope

When I sit down to write a novel I do not at all know, and I do not very much care, how it is to end. Anthony Trollope

Romance is very pretty in novels, but the romance of a life is always a melancholy matter. They are most happy who have no story to tell. Anthony Trollope

He don't look the sort of fellow I like; but he's got money and he comes here, and he's good looking, - and therefore he'll be a success. Anthony Trollope

She well knew the great architectural secret of decorating her constructions, and never descended to construct a decoration. Anthony Trollope

It is not true that a rose by any other name will smell as sweet. Were it true, I should call this story The Great Orley Farm Case. But who would ask for the ninth number of a serial work burthened with so very uncouth an appellation? Thence, and therefore, - Orley Farm. Anthony Trollope

Always remember, Mr. Robarts, that when you go into an attorney's office door, you will have to pay for it, first or last. Anthony Trollope

Let a man be of what side he may in politics, - unless he be much more of a partisan than a patriot, - he will think it well that there should be some equity of division in the bestowal of crumbs of comfort. Anthony Trollope

Late hours, nocturnal cigars, and midnight drinkings, pleasurable through they may be, consume too quickly the free-flowing lamps of youth, and are fatal at once to the husbanded candle-ends of age. Anthony Trollope

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