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One of the biggest myths about men - that women believe in - is that men are selfish and self-centred. This is because men go about providing for their women, their friends, and their families with an underground quiet, relentless determination. Unfortunately, this makes men unsung heroes whose sacrifice and generosity go without the appreciation and support they deserve. Alison Armstrong

One of the most painful things for men is how much women don't like themselves. Because they adore us. They think we're amazing. They think we're beautiful. They're completely enchanted by our shapes and our smells and our mannerisms. And all those things that we would list as imperfections? To men, those are the things that make us who we are; that make us adorable and amazing and beautiful. Alison Armstrong

Women are instinctively motivated by perfection, and the need to be perceived as perfect enough to be pleasing - and therefore, protected and provided for. But not too perfect so as to cause jealousy in other women. This is the source of our drive to improve ourselves, and our fear of standing out at the same time. Alison Armstrong

She'd assumed the prince was for show, and the frog was their true nature being revealed. What if they actually were Princes? And something I did changed them? Alison Armstrong

She fell asleep wondering if turning frogs into princes could be learned. Or do you have to be born royalty? Alison Armstrong

Ninety-nine percent of the confusion and frustration between men and women is because we assume we're versions of each other. It goes both ways, although men are a little bit more forgiving. They allow for the mystery of women. But honestly, when men look at women they see a softer, more lovely, multitasking, emotionally-indulgent man. And they interact with us as if we're men! Realizing that we're not versions of each other meant that I needed to pay much closer attention to men than I'd originally planned. Alison Armstrong

Some women turn frogs into princes. But that takes a queen, not a princess - or a shrew. Like most women, you, my dear, turn princes into frogs! Alison Armstrong

A person's will is enabled, strengthened, by love. The greater their ability to dwell in love, the more potent their will. Alison Armstrong

Objectification is the female equivalent of emasculation. Alison Armstrong

The need for adventure is present in every man. Ask your man this: What does your adventure provide for you? Alison Armstrong

I made my decision to leave my first marriage after spending a long afternoon staring at the ocean. My first husband and I were barely roommates. I realized that I would rather risk being alone forever than never have the possibility of a true union. Alison Armstrong

With each step a man takes in the Tunnel, he becomes less certain about who he is and what he knows to be true. His identity is profoundly in question. In fact, that is what rules this transition period. Questions, questions, questions. He will involuntarily question everything. What is important to him, his standards, and the value of all that he spent a decade building. Nothing is off limits. 'But the questions don't bring answers. Just more questions. That is the torture. Alison Armstrong

Emasculation and objectification have the same purpose of dis-empowering women and men (yes, they apply to both genders). They are two of the most important instinctive behaviours to become aware of - if you are committed to partnership and supporting the expression of human spirit. When you notice that you are emasculating or objectifying, try to become conscious of what triggered the reaction. What is the source of your fear, anger, or sense of powerlessness? Then see if you can translate that into something you can communicate that you need. For example, I have a big reaction to being interrupted. Especially if I'm in the middle of answering someone's question. My mind reacts by objectifying him or her. It's an involuntary, instinctive response. When I catch those thoughts, then I can say, 'Please let me finish.' This gives me a chance to nurture a partnership, instead of diminishing them or writing them off. Alison Armstrong

If you want a man to tell you more than superficial things, the right tool is called "Waiting for the Well". Literally count to at least 30 while he's thinking; it'll allow him to go deeper. If you want to understand what a man is all about, the right tool is called "Listening to Learn." As he's giving his opinion, instead of figuring out whether you agree or disagree, listen for what's important to him. It will be revealed within his opinion. Alison Armstrong women we have trouble existing inside of our bodies. Why? Because it is already inhabited by a 'Cavewoman' looking out for our survival and an 'Ideal Woman' strategizing to compete with other women. This doesn't leave much room for our spirit to live and play in a temple of sensation and emotion. Alison Armstrong

A man told me once, I think men invented women's clothes so that we could focus. Alison Armstrong

Men are truly literal. Meaning they pay close attention to the words. Women are more 'tonal,' with phenomenal sensitivities to the slightest inflection, edge and even flatness in their voice. This is why women react to strongly to men's tone of voice, and why they try to communicate with them through tone. The misunderstandings this causes could fill a whole TV series ' in the genres of comedy, drama and tragedy! Alison Armstrong

I've been so mad I could spit! But I'm committed to partnership, so one of my biggest challenges is being on the same team, even when I'm mad or hurt. When I'm really stuck, I start with changing my body. By forcing myself to turn side-by-side, communication begins. Then, inching over to face Greg and look him in the face, even when I don't want to, changes everything. Alison Armstrong

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