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No excuses ever, for anyone; that is my principle at the outset. I deny the good intention, the respectable mistake, the indiscretion, the extenuating circumstance. With me there is no giving of absolution or blessing. Albert Camus

For the first time in a long time I thought about Maman. I felt as if I understood why at the end of her life she had taken a 'fiance,' why she had played at beginning again. Even there, in that home where lives were fading out, evening was a kind of wistful respite. So close to death, Maman must have felt free then and ready to live it all again. Nobody, nobody had the right to cry over her. And I felt ready to live it all again too. Albert Camus

That's love, giving everything, sacrificing all without hope of return. Albert Camus

And it was like knocking four quick times on the door of unhappiness. Albert Camus

Some other memories of the funeral have stuck in my mind. The old boy's face, for instance, when he caught up with us for the last time, just outside the village. His eyes were streaming with tears, of exhaustion or distress, or both together. But because of the wrinkles they couldn't flow down. They spread out, crisscrossed, and formed a smooth gloss on the old, worn face. Albert Camus

...he said firmly, "God can help you. All the men I've seen in your position turned to Him in their time of trouble." "Obviously," I replied, "they were at liberty to do so, if they felt like it." I, however, didn't want to be helped, and I hadn't time to work up interest for something that didn't interest me. Albert Camus

For years I've wanted to live according to everyone else's morals. I've forced myself to live like everyone else, to look like everyone else. I said what was necessary to join together, even when I felt separate. And after all of this, catastrophe came. Now I wander amid the debris, I am lawless, torn to pieces, alone and accepting to be so, resigned to my singularity and to my infirmities. And I must rebuild a truth-after having lived all my life in a sort of lie. Albert Camus

History only exists, in the final analysis, for God. Albert Camus

Capital punishment is the most premeditated of murders. Albert Camus

There is but one freedom, to put oneself right with death. After that everything is possible. Albert Camus

There is but one freedom, To put oneself right with death. After that everything is possible. I cannot force you to believe in God. Believing in God amounts to coming to terms with death. When you have accepted death, the problem of God will be solved, and not the reverse. Albert Camus

Holland is a dream, Monsieur, a dream of gold and smoke-smokier by day, more gilded by night. And night and day that dream is peopled with Lohengrins like these, dreamily riding their black bicycles with high handle-bars, funereal swans constantly drifting throughout the whole country, around the seas, along the canals. Albert Camus

I have always thought it would be easier to redeem a man steeped in vice and crime than a greedy, narrow-minded, pitiless merchant. Albert Camus

The innocent is the person who explains nothing Albert Camus

Every minute of life carries with it its miraculous value, and its face of eternal youth. Albert Camus

What I believe to be true I must therefore preserve. What seems to me so obvious, even against me, I must support. Albert Camus

The Byronic hero, incapable of love, or capable only of an impossible love, suffers endlessly. He is solitary, languid, his condition exhausts him. If he wants to feel alive, it must be in the terrible exaltation of a brief and destructive action. Albert Camus

But - I cannot make a choice. I have my own sorrow, but I suffer with him, too; I share his pain. I understand all - that is my trouble. Albert Camus

We are living in the era of premeditation and the perfect crime. Our criminals are no longer helpless children who could plead love as their excuse. On the contrary, they are adults and the have the perfect alibi: philosophy, which can be used for any purpose - even for transforming murderers into judges. Albert Camus

Like great works, deep feelings always mean more than they are conscious of saying. Albert Camus

Fate is not in man but around him Albert Camus

You know very well that I no longer think. I am far too intelligent for that. Albert Camus

The tragedy is not that we are alone, but that we cannot be. At times I would give anything in the world to no longer be connected by anything to this universe of men. Albert Camus

Once in the midst of a seemingly endless winter, I discovered within myself an invincible spring. Albert Camus

The most knowledgeable person in one domain may be the most ignorant in another. Albert Camus

If you keep on excusing, you eventually give your blessing to the slave camp, to cowardly force, to organized executioners, to the cynicism of great political monsters; you finally hand over your brothers. Albert Camus

There is a terrible emptiness in me, an indifference that hurts. Albert Camus

Absurd- that is the light mind that establishes its own borders. Albert Camus

Rebellion, in man, is the refusal to be treated as an object and to be reduced to simple historical terms. It is the affirmation of a nature common to all men, which eludes the world of power. Albert Camus

... man has an idea of a better world than this. But better does not mean different, it means unified... Religion or crime, every human endeavor in fact, finally obeys this unreasonabledesire and claims to give life a form it does not have. Albert Camus

In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. Albert Camus

With rebellion, awareness is born. Albert Camus

Knowing whether or not one can live without appeal is all that interests me. Albert Camus

Let's not beat around the bush; I love life - that's my real weakness. I love it so much that I am incapable of imagining what is not life. Albert Camus

To have time was at once the most magnificent and the most dangerous of experiments. Idleness is fatal only to the mediocre. Albert Camus

He marveled at the strange blindness by which men, though they are so alert to what changes in themselves, impose on their friends an image chosen for them once and for all. Albert Camus

Idleness is fatal only to the mediocre. Albert Camus

Accept life, take it as it is? Stupid. The means of doing otherwise? Far from our having to take it, it is life that possesses us and on occasion shuts our mouths. Albert Camus

It is immoral not to tell. Albert Camus

Human relationships always help us to carry on because they always presuppose further developments, a future - and also because we live as if our only task was precisely to have relationships with other people. Albert Camus

I had only a little time left and I didn't want to waste it on God. Albert Camus

But what are a hundred million deaths? When one has served in a war, one hardly knows what a dead man is, after a while. And since a dead man has no substance unless one has actually seen him dead, a hundred million corpses broadcast through history are no more than a puff of smoke in the imagination. Albert Camus

In order to exist, man must rebel, but rebellion must respect the limits that it discovers in itself - limits where minds meet, and in meeting, begin to exist. Albert Camus

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world. Albert Camus

Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it. Albert Camus

Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. Albert Camus

But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself. Albert Camus

But when a man has had only four hours' sleep he isn't sentimental. He sees things as they are: that is to say, he sees them in the garish light of justice; hideous, witless justice. Albert Camus

Where would his torture be, indeed, if at every step the hope of succeeding upheld him? Albert Camus

The only deep emotion I occasionally felt in these affairs was gratitude, when all was going well and I was left, not only peace, but freedom to come and go-never kinder and gayer with one woman than when I had just left another's bed, as if I extended to all others the debt I had just contracted toward one of them. Albert Camus

What is a rebel? A man who says no. Albert Camus

I said that the world is absurd, but I was too hasty. This world in itself is not reasonable, that is all that can be said. But what is absurd is the confrontation of this irrational and the wild longing for clarity whose call echoes in the human heart. Albert Camus

I had been right I was still right I was always right. I had lived my life one way and I could just as well lived it another. I had done this and I hadn t done that. I hadn t done this thing and I had done another. And so? Albert Camus

People hasten to judge in order not to be judged themselves. Albert Camus

I was assailed by memories of a life that wasn't mine anymore, but one in which I'd found the simplest and most lasting joys. Albert Camus

True debauchery is liberating because it creates no obligations. In it you possess only yourself, hence it remains the favorite pastime of the great lovers of their own person. Albert Camus

Without work all life goes rotten. Albert Camus

I conceived at least one great love in my life, of which I was always the object. Albert Camus

After all manner of professors have done their best for us, the place we are to get knowledge is in books. The true university of these days is a collection of books. Albert Camus

Lying is not only saying what isn't true. It is also, in fact especially, saying more than is true and, in the case of the human heart, saying more than one feels. We all do it, every day, to make life simpler. Albert Camus

Martyrs, my friend, have to choose between being forgotten, mocked or used. As for being understood - never. Albert Camus

The only real progress lies in learning to be wrong all alone. Albert Camus

The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy. Albert Camus

To insure the adoration of a theorem for any length of time, faith is not enough, a police force is needed as well. Albert Camus

I am not made for politics because I am incapable of wanting or accepting the death of the adversary. Albert Camus

To assert in any case that a man must be absolutely cut off from society because he is absolutely evil amounts to saying that society is absolutely good, and no-one in his right mind will believe this today. Albert Camus

Each generation doubtless feels called upon to reform the world. Mine knows that it will not reform it, but its task is perhaps even greater. It consists in preventing the world from destroying itself. Albert Camus

We rarely confide in those who are better than we are. Albert Camus

All modern revolutions have ended in a reinforcement of the power of the State. Albert Camus

There are some individuals who have too strong a craving, a will, and a nostalgia for happiness ever to reach it. They always retain a bitter and passionate aftertaste, and that's the best they can hope for. Albert Camus

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