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A true measure of strength is to use your hands to incapacitate somebody. Aaron Eckhart

We always feel threatened by things we don't know. But, there are definitely some weird things going on. Aaron Eckhart

I think that maybe that's my weakness, in that I don't know how to do it, so I just do what I do and try to do it as passionately and as well as I can. Aaron Eckhart

You never really know as an actor; it's completely out of your control, in terms of editing, and music, and film stock, shot selection, and what takes they use. Aaron Eckhart

You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. Aaron Eckhart

The day you stop caring what other people think of you is the day your life begins. Aaron Eckhart

Yeah, but there's nobody who represents romance to me like Cary Grant. Aaron Eckhart

Some movies I see today have the most dramatic plot points but the actors are not playing them dramatically. Aaron Eckhart

But I will say this: In my humble opinion, knowing nothing about it, I do believe that they have remote viewers working on where Osama Bin Laden is. I absolutely, 100%, convinced of that. Aaron Eckhart

It makes me feel good that I can now sit there and go, I've worked with Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, all the great actors that I've worked with... Sir Ben Kingsley. Aaron Eckhart

The F.B.I. is about nuts and bolts. It's all about witnesses and procedure and walking the streets. Aaron Eckhart

I think America right now is looking for somebody who appeals to every faction. Aaron Eckhart

I'd like to do a romantic comedy. Aaron Eckhart

Yeah, I'd like to get the girl and at least make it through the film. Aaron Eckhart

I would love to get great performances from actors as a director, because that's what I'm always looking for, a director that's going to help me go places I've never been before. Aaron Eckhart

Funerals are important rituals. They don't just recognize that a life has ended; they recognize that a life was lived. Aaron Eckhart

But then, even with sex, I'm more in the school of less is more in movies. Aaron Eckhart

I think every actor wants to be an FBI or cop at one point. Aaron Eckhart

I'm sort of fascinated by the whole espionage crime thing. Aaron Eckhart

Directors, producers can make you look good or make you look bad. Aaron Eckhart

I don't do comedy so much although I would like to do a comedy. Aaron Eckhart

Some movies get rushed out right after you make them and I'm not always happy with that. Aaron Eckhart

I owned a 1972 Plymouth Valiant that we bought for $125. It was infested with cockroaches and geckos - it was its own little ecosystem. Aaron Eckhart

I have done scenes as Harvey Two-Face. It's interesting. I won't tell you exactly what we're going for, but I think that I can say that it will use all of today's technology to create this character. He's going to be interesting, and I think that's what makes this character important in the movie-you get to see him as he was before, as in the comic books. Harvey is a very good guy in the comic books. He's judicious. He cares. He's passionate about what he loves and then he turns into this character. So you will see that in this film. Aaron Eckhart

A GOOD old-fashioned sex tape pretty much guarantees you a star on Hollywood Boulevard. Aaron Eckhart

I mean, the problem is, I think I'm a great writer. Aaron Eckhart

I think women can be as cruel as men, and men as tender as women, and vice versa. Aaron Eckhart

When it gets down to it you just have to act. Aaron Eckhart

I've been working for many years and I think I've managed to work with some of the best people in the business, which has been rewarding and an apprenticeship. Aaron Eckhart

If it helps me in the way that if this movie is successful, I get to make more films, great, and the more films that I make and the more interest that I'm allowed to cover, the better for me and the better, hopefully, for the people who like to watch me. Aaron Eckhart

Through all the relationship stuff I've gone through in the past few years, I know there are fundamental differences in how men and women view sex and how they view their futures. Aaron Eckhart

Actors aren't fighters. They don't know how to throw a punch. So, there's a lot of hitting in the face. I'd much rather fight with a stuntman than another actor. I don't like fighting with other actors because somebody always ends up getting hurt. Aaron Eckhart

I've not made a career of being physical in my movies, but I love sports. I'm a very physical guy. Aaron Eckhart

I wanted to do a war movie, a western and an alien movie. In reality, there are a lot of ugly things happening in the world. Aaron Eckhart

Chris [Nolan] comes at this with such a different take on Batman, so I didn't feel that I had to be true to any other actor playing this role. Of course, I read the comic books. His relationships with Lt. Gordon and with Batman, with Gotham City, those really helped me the most. Aaron Eckhart

If we're talking about masculinity and tenderness, I don't look at Clinton. Aaron Eckhart

I would like to direct. Aaron Eckhart

There are different reasons to make movies. Aaron Eckhart

I'm always fascinated with how a person becomes a good quality person, a productive person, and how it happened to me, because I was a terror. Aaron Eckhart

I often feel that my days in New York City, that I was here for five years, didn't get one job, went on a thousands of auditions and literally did not get a job on a soap, not a movie, not TV, not nothing, although I did do some commercials thank God. Aaron Eckhart

It seems to me if you want something badly enough, whether you're a man or a woman, you'll do whatever you have to do to get it. Aaron Eckhart

But I guess I like playing flawed guys 'cause it gives a place for the characters to go. Aaron Eckhart

I like doing movies with kids in them, and you're explaining things. They're teaching you and you're teaching them, and the audience can loop through that. Aaron Eckhart

You can go left, you can go right, I don't give a damn. Just make a decision. Aaron Eckhart

If you go to YouTube and look up 'grief' you can find them and it's just an unbelievable tool for an actor to be able to access, without being unethical. It's like accessing the deepest, most painful parts of a person. Aaron Eckhart

I think they are very important because westerns have a code and a symbolism. Aaron Eckhart

I'm an actor and it happened to go my way that day. Aaron Eckhart

Filmmaking is a difficult process. There are the logistics of making a film. You have to do your part, and then change the entire thing around to do someone else's part. A lot of the magic is lost, in between that, and you have to figure out how to get it back. Aaron Eckhart

I have a dog and sometimes I'll be the littlest kid with my dog and marvel at his ears and his nose and how he looks at me. If he died, I'd bawl like a baby. Aaron Eckhart

The only morality in a cruel world is chance. Aaron Eckhart

A film has its own life and takes its own time. Aaron Eckhart

I always ask, why can't I be just like Cary Grant or something. Aaron Eckhart

I'd like to do more family dramas. Aaron Eckhart

Right now, I have to admit, that I'm more interested in giving people a little bit of hope and goodness. Aaron Eckhart

I can think of films that I'm producing right now that are extremely hard-hitting, graphic films, that nobody necessarily wants to see, graphic in terms of violence, of adult content and racial and historical subject matter. Aaron Eckhart

I got as much information as I could, so I wouldn't look stupid, but this is a post 9/11 world and there's only so much you can do with the FBI in terms of research. Aaron Eckhart

Well, I've thought many times when my career was in the toilet, that I was going to have to seriously consider getting another job, I don't know what I'd do. Aaron Eckhart

I love the fight game. I like the brutality. I like the mentality. I like the aggressiveness, but I like the technique and skill. I like the stakes. I like the people around in the gym. I like the everyday, working class feel of a boxing gym. Aaron Eckhart

I think boxing is a singular sport, because the stakes are so high and because it just appeals to people's primal instincts. It's a life and death sport, and it's a sport of sacrifice. It's a humbling sport, and people are coming from humbling circumstances. It's always fun to watch a person that's come from nothing to having everything and losing it again. Aaron Eckhart

You have respect and reverence for your characters and the fact that you're going to epitomize that person for the rest of their lives. They're going to be judged based on your performance by millions of people. You have a certain responsibility. Aaron Eckhart

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