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There's no way to know how good a player you are except by measuring against others. Aaron C. Brown

There is a deep, ancient connection between gambling and divination. Aaron C. Brown

If no one gambled against the grain in good times, there would be no winners to inspire people in the bad times. Aaron C. Brown

You need a strategy, and a trade or investment decision can be evaluated only in the context of that strategy. Aaron C. Brown

From the lottery to raise the funds for the founding of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607 to the lottery used to pay the interest on Dutch loans to the United States during the Revolutionary War, the development of the United States was funded by gambling. Aaron C. Brown

Fortunes made buying and selling securities have underwritten economic revolutions. Aaron C. Brown

All exchange stimulates productive activity, whether exchange by gift, gambling, barter, or money transaction. Aaron C. Brown

Mathematical theory, tested in practice and constantly retested, is a valuable aid to play. Mathematics alone will blind you and let others rob you. Aaron C. Brown

The trading characteristics of a security become more important than its underlying economics. The virtual economics began to drive the physical economy rather than the other way around. Aaron C. Brown

Most people wander through life, carelessly taking whatever risk crosses their paths without compensation, but never consciously accepting extra risk to pick up the money and other good things lying all around them. Aaron C. Brown

Many financial disasters can be traced to people who thought they were hedging. Aaron C. Brown

But you can't ignore dense people-they're not unarmed; they're armed differently. Aaron C. Brown

If you want to understand financial markets, and their effects on the economy, you have to understand the trading game. Many short-term price movements are neither random nor caused by economic fundamentals. They're caused by investors buying and selling. Aaron C. Brown

Monotheism introduced the idea that we should passively accept whatever fate God dealt. Gambling seemed to be a refusal to do that. Aaron C. Brown

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