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A. J. Hawk
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You want to come in and prove yourself early. Obviously, it is a responsibility being drafted that high to come in and play well and to make an impact. If not, youre going to get cut. So you have to come in, make the team, have an impact and do something special. And I feel that, obviously, internally. I feel an obligation to myself to do that but obviously the organization, the fans, this community. I mean, they dont want to see a first-round draft pick be a bust, so I feel I have to come in and hopefully make an impact early. A. J. Hawk

Its all gone pretty fast. I dont want to move on, but I know I have to. A. J. Hawk

I kind of grew up my whole life as an underdog. I had two older brothers who would beat on me and then let me know I wasn't much compared to them. And it's still like that. Guys like that keep you humble, being around them every day and realizing I'm still the little brother to them. A. J. Hawk

I try to take everyone's head off, to tell the truth. A. J. Hawk

Laura's [my sister] rooting for her brother. She'd better. She's known him a lot longer than me. A. J. Hawk

Football is more important to me than money right now. A. J. Hawk

I never felt like I was anything special. I just feel like a very lucky guy. A. J. Hawk

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