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A. J. Burnett
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Every one disguising the truth from a man who has a right to the truth is wrong, and ought not to be encouraged. A. J. Burnett

People don't resent having nothing nearly as much as too little.- Ivy Crompton A. J. Burnett

I met with Martha and Sharon to see if there are any opportunities in syndication. My vision says her customers and fans are still loyal to her. I don't think the Martha Stewart brand loyalty has changed. A. J. Burnett

I'm definitely not a follower. This is our job. This is what we do. If you're not having fun here, you shouldn't be here. A. J. Burnett

I'm playing the game because I love it. But I'm also playing it for my family. You play for the glory, but you play for your family, too. A. J. Burnett

I have always been a very passionate player and person. I often wear my emotions on my sleeve, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. I hope that my teammates always respect that of me, as I trust they know my commitment to winning.? A. J. Burnett

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