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A. G. Mohan
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The mind is like a river. The thoughts are like the various droplets of water. We are submerged in that water. Stay on the bank and watch your mind. A. G. Mohan
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Krishnamacharya's personal practice was always with long deep breathing and mental focus. Observe the position of his head, the lower abdomen and his mental focus. He was always concentrated on the inner alignment through breath. A. G. Mohan
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According to Krishnamacharya , practice and knowledge must always go together. He used to say, practice without right knowledge of theory is blind. This is also because without right knowledge, one can mindfully do a wrong practice. A. G. Mohan
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Yoga is an inner experience#31; - a workIN within a workOUT. A. G. Mohan
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Attachment to the Divine leads to detachment from the mind. This leads to the realization that the nature of the Seer and the Divine are the same. A. G. Mohan
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